This morning a FB friend posted what Trump said at the rally in Wisconsin. This lie was so egregious that despite trusting this friend’s integrity, I hoped the post was an oversight and I asked for a source.

She followed up by sharing a link to a video, but all these hours later I can’t bear to hear him speak those inflammatory words especially to those who feed on his rhetoric with rapture.

I hate all the ways he lies to divide, to enrage, to put others at risk. I hate the way his lies hurt so many. Every day. I shudder at the way he uses his voice to make groups and individuals a target, wielding power in the way of a bully, a dictator.

It breaks my heart that fellow citizens uphold this kind of leadership. What Faustian bargain must they have made, must they continue to make, to be able to tolerate such an assault to the heart of democracy?

It’s a cloudy Sunday. There are flurries. I’m prone to despair.

I know we will recover from this. I know that even as we stand in the middle of this shitstorm we are finding ways to support and uplift and protect one another.

It would be so easy for members of the GOP and citizens who once supported #45 to encourage others.

Speak into what is wrong.

Say that the Emperor has no clothes.

Spread the voices of those who you admire and trust who are speaking out against this administration’s atrocities.

Be a beacon of truth, of integrity, of hope.

In this way, you lend light to our path forward.

What is especially excruciating about today’s lies is that they touch on that tender realm of love and devotion for which this leader has shown such little regard in his own life and in the lives of others. To have his callous, degrading, hurtful voice enter spaces like these is a violation that I feel inside.

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