Resurrecting a Nation


Stricken, 11/9/16
After the 2016 Election

Last month, my husband and I were talking to some new friends about the mid-terms, and he directed his attention to the young woman among us.

“What issue interests you most?” he said, in the way I so often hear him speak to the young. In fact, this was a defining quality I recognized in him on one of our early dates when I brought along some of my younger siblings.

Despite our guest’s previous silence, she responded right away to my husband’s genunine consideration.

“I’m interested in Mental Health,” she said, explaining that when she wasn’t waitressing, she worked as a volunteer on a Suicide Hot Line, the graveyard shift.

What she said next was chilling.

She had volunteered a thousand hours on the hotline when the 2016 election took place.

2 hours later, the lines were flooded, with more calls than she had ever experienced.

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