I’m dreaming of… #45?

Has he shown up in your dreams too?

Care to share in the comment section?
Maybe women’s dreams, like pieces of a puzzle, will point the way forward.

Here’s mine:

 I was coordinating a team of women assisting a leading presenter like I do at Kripalu from time to time. There were 4 of us, and one of him–#45.

There were the obvious challenges given who he is.

On the third day, he didn’t even show up, and it wasn’t until the end of that day’s sessions that I realized that each of us covered for him, taking turns presenting from the stage.

“Darn, I should have taken photos,” I thought, wanting to capture how we did his job so well.

There were even piles of participant reviews for each of us, on half sheets of green paper.

He showed up the next day, looking well rested, and almost likeable. We chatted at the bar which wasn’t open yet.

I wondered if I should have gotten a photo with him–for status reasons, and then thought better of it.

He commented on the plants around the room and I tried to explain how we had placed them; but he got up to move them.

(12 days until the one-year anniversary as the unthinkable.)

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  1. I recently dreamt that I was staying in a hotel where #45 was with his staff. I found myself close enough to have his ear and I gave him a litany of concerns and thoughts about his presidency, the staff was looking on and their jaws had dropped. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing that an ordinary person would be so bold as to call him out. It was a satisfying dream.

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