Be the Change, -111 Dayz

There was a time in my life when the world beneath my feet collapsed.

In the wake of loss and betrayal, and in the face of addiction, my sister and I looked after our younger siblings, while those who we had depended upon abandoned their posts to chase infatuation and youth and righteousness.

Since we could no longer look up, we looked toward one another, and in doing so we became what we needed–never perfect–but so much more than the sum of the remains left behind.

We walked into the wind with our heads down and kept on going until we pulled each other through the darkest of decades.

All these years later, I can say that our small footprints made a difference.

Though it was never enough, and much less than deserved, the care we provided for our younger siblings is still alive in them and in the legacy of their hearts for others.

And something else equally important: our compassion and integrity indelibly shaped–us.

It occurs to me now that what we once experienced as a family is much like that which we now face as a nation; and so I remind myself:

Lead from the inside.
Care for each other.
Be the change.

How I act matters.
It makes a difference.
It shapes me. And those around me.

Someday, may we look back and know that this too was true.

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