17 Days, Letting go…

We are not living for ourselves anymore…  Now we are living for history.

Neil Gabler, Farewell, America

This afternoon, I’m thinking back to those early days when the condolence messages arrived every hour in my inbox…
Like these…


We’ve come a long way.
The days that remain are short and dark, and they will pass quickly.
I tend toward order when I’m anxious, and today, seems like a good time to let things go.
Like these folders of emails that I created just after the election:

But not before I reread some of those that came when we were still trying to figure out WTF Happened:

America Elects a Bigot

Don’t call Clinton a weak candidate: it took decades of scheming to beat her

Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

Trump voters will not like what happens next

And to chuckle, while despairing, at insights like this:


And to remind myself that I might still want to watch this Sundance film released in 2012:

You’ve Been Trumped

And to listen to this:

‘Liberal Rednecks’ Are Killing Southern Stereotypes With Comedy

In fact, comedy is something that I’ve relied upon, dramatically, this season (the pre & post election season that is) as I face the painfully sober voices like this:

Waiting for the Barbarians

Now Is the Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About

That’s a wrap for today, Day 17.
My political inbox is renewed for 2017:


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